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The University of Twente’s new recruitment system – AFAS Recruitment – has gone live! From now on, all new vacancies and applicants will be processed through AFAS Recruitment. AFAS Recruitment is an additional module belonging to the AFAS HR & Payroll package we already use. Like MY HR, the recruitment section can be accessed through the staff portal and  

The implementation of AFAS Recruitment comes relatively soon after the introduction of Talentsoft. We appreciate that this is far from ideal. Despite an extensive tendering process, we discovered that Talentsoft did not offer sufficient support in practice and was unable to guarantee full GDPR compliance. This compelled us to find a new solution in the short term and prompted us to utilise the opportunities offered by AFAS. It also means we have taken a step towards reducing the number of different systems at the University of Twente, while making more extensive use of a system we already have. We realise that AFAS Recruitment may not meet all our initial needs, but AFAS will continue to work with us to develop our recruitment options and better functionalities will become available. We will, of course, keep you informed about all such developments.

During the implementation phase for AFAS, we have done our best to inform everyone affected, to invite input for the design and to give colleagues who work with AFAS the opportunity to receive a demo and instructions. We understand that in the limited preparation time available not everyone had the opportunity to participate. Now that the module has gone live, we will of course remain available for feedback, questions or a demo if desired. Email us at You can also contact your HR assistant with any questions you may have about recruitment.


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