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Web forms are frequently used by students and staff. This page provides an overview of the webform options available to UT members, also considering privacy regulations.

Data retention period

For all forms, please make sure you delete the personal data as soon as you do not need them anymore. This is required by law. Do not keep local copies.

Microsoft forms

Students and employees can create forms in their Microsoft Office 365 account as provided by the UT. The forms therefore meet the privacy regulations and should be the first choice when setting up a webform. There are two ways to set up forms:


The forms are available on, the link to directly access the forms application online is See the documentation about MS Teams Forms for more information. 

In MS Teams

You can also create forms within Teams and set the availability to public to make them worldwide accessible. Here are the basic steps for that:

  1. In Teams, go to the list of icons on the left, click the ... below the icon list and type Forms in the search field to open the Forms application within Teams.
  2. Choose one of the options: adding the form to a channel, meeting or a chat.
  3. Add your questions. 
  4. After finishging the form, it can still be set to public, although it's located in a MS Teams channel: you just get a neutral link not related to your channel.

All forms created in Teams are also availabe in your account online.

The steps listed above to create the form are shortly executed in the the video below. The video may require login with your UT microsoft account (UT account). The video has no audio. 

WebHare (website system) forms

Admins of UT websites have the options to add advanced forms to their website. These forms have a large number of features. When using them, please make sure you check the form settings button and save the personal data only as long as you need them. They link shows an example form at the end of the page. Besided the regular forms for all WebHare users, there are also advanced forms connected to the CRM system. These forms need to be activated per website. For more information see

Google forms

Basically, sharing personal data with US companies is not allowed within the GDPR (Dutch AVG) regulations. At least, some additional measures are necessary. Agreements have changed during the years, but the general conclusion is that using Google forms to collect personal data does not meet the EU privacy regulations. They cannot be used when setting up forms on behalf of the UT. Student associations are not part of the UT, but are advised to follow the UT policy in this matter.

Other forms

When using other forms or tools, please be careful with US systems as they may not meet the EU GDPR requirements.

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