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Social media can boost your event: if participants start talking about your event online on Twitter & Facebook weeks before it even starts, they help you generating more visitors. Therefore it's really important to plan your social media on time. 

Social media before, during and after the event

Communicate your hashtag on time (in your first communication about the event), interact with your visitors and get them to share your content! Read this blog article 'Using social media to make your event a dazzling success' for an overview what social media can do for your event. 

Choose a hashtag

Your conference or other (large) event needs a hashtag (#). Hashtags are great to find related items. When you see a hashtag in a Tweet, click on it, and Twitter will present a list of items that use the same hashtag. This helps people find other who also tweet about the same event. The Dutch Applified blog article above has some details. Large UT events like open days usually just use #utwente, because most visitors who do not know that there's a special # just use #utwente naturally.

A screen with tweets about your event

Have you communicated an own hashtag (or #utwente for UT central events like open days)? Then you can set up a dashboard on a screen that presents all related social media items (live!). Your dashboard can contain Tweets, but also items on Instagram or other public items published. Visitors who see those items may enjoy (and retweet) them, want to react or get inspired to share their opinion. People like to see their own content online. A 'twitterwall' encourages them, to share content about your event online! 

Tools for a wall with tweets are LiveWall or Tweetbeam, you will find them on Google, but they are for Tweets only. You can also use the Coosto monitoring tool (get the licence on with your Dutch university account) if you want to add instagram etc. The UT social media team also works with Coosto and can help create a temporary event dashboard in the UT Coosto tool. Contact us for help. 

Example of a social media dashboard: this overview can be created for your event and presented on a screen during the event. 

The UT dashboard

There is a public UT dashboard available to follow all UT related activity on social media and the top authors. The UT dashboard is available on For a preview see the picture below. This dashboard has also been added to some information screens in UT buildings

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