STrategic business Development  

The University of Twente is at the core of society and has an outward-looking perspective. Working together with companies is an essential component of this. After all, today's students are tomorrow's professionals. Apart from contact with (semi-) government authorities, alumni and other universities, we maintain intensive contact with our industrial partners, both national and international ones.

prof.dr. G.P.M.R. Dewulf (Geert)
Chief Development Officer - Director Strategic Business Development
A. Kerpisci (Atilla)
Managing Director Strategic Business Development

Management support

General Contact SBD
+31 53 489 2024
M.T. Zwennes (Marieke)
Supporting Staff
E. Bril (Eefke)
Supporting Staff
G.F. Steenman (Ger)

Impact development Team

J. Hoedemaekers MSc (Janneke)
business director partnerships and R&D collaboration at Strategic Business Development
mr. W.R. van der Hoek (Roelyn)
Program manager 4TU IMPACT
ir. M.R. Kuipers MBA (Marleen)
Programme Leader Smart Industry and Asset Management and Maintenance Innovation Centre
L. Kalverda MSc (Leontien)
Program Manager Shaping 2030
M.C. Zinck MSc (Marc)
Impact Development Manager
M.M. Emmerich MSc (Maarten)
Impact Development Manager
ir. S. van Roon (Steven)
Kwartiermaker Robotics Center J.P.F. Inberg (Judith)
Impact Development Manager

Research Grants Support Team

Telma Esteves
EU Grants Advisor
Maria Luisa Carosso
EU Grants Advisor
Anke Marit Albers
EU Grants Advisor
Catalin Popa
EU Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 1263
ing. A. Guarise MSc (Andrea)
Arend Zomer
NL Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 2126
dr. S. de Wit (Sanne)
NL Grants Advisor
Noortje van der Knaap
NL Grants Advisor

Project management TEAM

Jorien van Loon
Project Manager
+31 53 489 3748
M. Bödding MSc (Maren)
Project Manager
J. Beerens (Jan)
Project Manager
dr. B.J. Connell (Bridgette)
Project Manager
S. Kopelyan MSc (Sofya)
Supporting Staff
dr. M. Raaben (Marco)
Project Manager
dr. G.A. Maris (Gabi)
Project manager | Grant coordinator NEM cluster M.E. Majchrowicz (Magdalena)
Project Manager

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