Information for managers

Absence from 6 weeks

Expect absenteeism from 6 weeks

The company doctor is always engaged in a case of (expected) prolonged sickness absence. A rehabilitation action plan is drawn up together with the company doctor. During this period, the manager also keeps in contact with the rehabilitation coordinator.

Absence protocol

The sickness absence protocols for an absence of less than 6 weeks can be retrieved from the appropriate folders.





Week 3-6

Follow-up contacts

Manager/staff member

Show concern and involvement

Assess the progress of actions agreed upon

Week 5

Perform problem analysis

Manager/rehabilitation coordinator

Consult on whether a problem analysis needs to be performed

Week 6

Perform expected prolonged sickness absence problem analysis

Working conditions service

Nature of the absence

Expected duration of the absence

Expected outcome: return to old job or not

Advice on interventions

Week 8

Draft action plan

Manager/staff member

Jointly come to agreements on the basis of the problem analysis and record them

Starting week 8

Implementation action plan

Manager/staff member


Socio-medical consultation


HR manager

Company doctor

Senior manager

Rehabilitation coordinator

Week 26-104

Contact with staff member absent sick


Company doctor

At least once every four weeks

Depending on the situation, at least once every six weeks

Contact with manager

Rehabilitation coordinator

Implement action plan

Verify whether all rehabilitation options are made use of

6 months

Inform staff member on legal status after 9 months of absence

Rehabilitation coordinator

Informing about the amount of wage paid following application of sickness reduction

9 months

Wage reduction in conformity with the conditions of the collective bargaining agreement

Rehabilitation coordinator

Monthly calculate applicable reduction and calculate supplementary payment for suitable work performed

Inform Employee Insurance Agency on possible need to apply for benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act

Registration with Employee Insurance Agency

Rehabilitation coordinator

12 months

1st annual assessment

Manager and staff member

Wake-up moment to assess if everything is proceeding according to plan

87 weeks

Apply for benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act

Staff member

Company doctor

Supported by rehabilitation coordinator

Medical information

104 weeks

Eligibility for benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act examination

Employee Insurance Agency

Class determination:

-full incapacity for work (full benefits) or

-partial incapacity for work

Upon being found eligible to receive benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act

Adjust terms of employment

HR manager

Faculty Board

Executive Board

Record new situation