Information for managers

Expect failure <2 weeks

It is important that the staff member and their manager maintain regular contact during any absence period. The sickness absence protocol lists what topics need to be brought up at what time. Both the staff member and their manager are responsible for ensuring compliance with the protocol.

Absence protocol less than 2 weeks





Day 1

Reporting sick to manager or substitute manager

Staff member

Practical arrangements for all tasks to be transferred to others, etc.


If applicable: discusses with staff member what work can still be performed (refer to recovery and rehabilitation)

Confirms the sickness report

Makes an appointment for the 1st follow-up contact moment

Reports sickness absence to the registration staff member

Pregnancy-related sickness absence? Yes, report to RC

Sickness absence registration

Registration staff member

1st week

telephone meeting

Manager + staff member

Discuss rehabilitation restrictions and possibilities

Agree on contact moment in week 2

2nd week

Meeting in the workplace

Manager/staff member

Discuss possible replacement or adapted work


Concludes one of the following is the case:

  • Expected short-term absence <6 weeks
    • Drafts work resumption plan
  • Expected prolonged absence >6 weeks

Manager/ rehabilitation coordinator

Discussion on the procedure to be followed (prolonged or short-term)

Determine whether or not the company doctor should be engaged



Recovery report to the manager

Staff member

Agree who reports the recovery to the registration staff member

If applicable: cancel working conditions service appointment

Staff member

Recovery registration

Registration staff member

Discuss the developments at work Determine whether the absence could have been prevented; if so, make agreements for the future

Work resumption meeting

Manager/staff member

In case of phased rehabilitation, inform registration staff member with each step


Every change in the situation is to be reported to the registration staff member

Manager/staff member