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Arbo Unie team

Per January first 2018 University of Twente collaborates with Arbo Unie. The Arbo Unie team consist of psychologists, corporate psysicians and employability coaches. Below a short introduction of the staff members of the UT Arbo Unie team:

Sarah van Keulen

My name is Sarah van Keulen MSc., 31 years old. I work as a psychologist at Arbo Unie. As a psychologist I support people with different complaints, for instance anxiety- and mooddisorders, burnout, and neurodevelopmental disorders as (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder). In some cases people can’t go to work as a result of their complaints, in other cases it’s a goal to prevent this from happening.

Because I’ve studied (Workpsychology and Clinical psychology) and worked as a teacher in the subject Communication Skills at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, I can relate to how it’s like to work in an university. During my work I think it’s important to look for the strength and possibilities of a person.

Riejanne van Woerkom

I am Riejanne van Woerkom and work as a psychologist at Arbo Unie. As a psychologist, I treat people who suffer from burn out, depression, anxiety or people who, for other reasons, feel that they can no longer handle their work (mentally). People who would like to prevent falling out can come to me as well. I guide people with different backgrounds and from various organizations. These include educational institutions such as Saxion college and various primary schools, as well as healthcare institutions, municipalities and companies in the commercial sector.

Rulanda van Kruysbergen
Corporate physician

My name is Rulanda van Kruysbergen. In November I am 60 yrs and that means that I slowly begin to understand how important it is to work on my sustainable employability, to have a good balance between mental and physical health, between work and private. An issue that I also find extremely important in my work, because it is a big challenge for all of us to get our employees healthy.
Since 1986, I have worked as a corporate physician for various populations to find new challenges and to gain new knowledge. I started at the GGD Lelystad where I have worked for civil servants (fire department, Lelystad municipality and public education). In 1991 I moved to the (then BGD Almelo) now Arbounie. I started to work mainly for construction companies and road transports, after which it gradually shifted towards industrial companies in Twente and finally, my move towards education (Saxion) and care (MST).
The causes of absenteeism are different. In the past, employees came to me who had complaints of posture and movement due to their daily tasks and now it is mainly mental stress that leads to health problems. In addition, the cultural differences in these organizations are big: in my current advisory period, I regularly use this knowledge by advising how it can be done in a different way.

Johan de Jong
Corporate physician

My name is Johan de Jong, 56 years, occupational health and radiation physician. Important aspects of my work, both in relation to employee / client and work together with employer, are professional expertise and independence, trust and transparency. Within these conditions, I would like to show my commitment, advise when it is needed and asked for and I would like to take a closer look at the different themes on work and health.

Ric Breteler
Corporate physician

As your new company doctor, I would like to contribute to keep the employee in balance. Then by advising a co-worker and his supervisor at re-integration, or by advising the UT on how to balance employees and even increase their vitality.

My name is Ric Breteler, for many years I am working as a corporate physician at Arbo Union and gained my experience in many different companies (including higher education). I'm part of a committed team who would like to work for UT.

I am married and have two sons who have been independent for quite some time (and one of whom has studied at the UT).

Jeroen Hesselink
Employability coach

Disease, absenteeism, disability and sustainable employability. Just some of the terms you hear from time to time, but it is what I daily do. As an employability coach I advise organizations and employees in terms of disability and employability. I use my experience as a staff advisor and a nurse. Important aspects for me in a lasting relationship with customers are equivalence, honesty and clarity. From my consultancy role at Thales, I am familiar with the target group of highly trained technical staff. I keep fit by doing a lot of sports (running, cycling and skating) I look forward to a pleasant cooperation with you.

Wilma Horselenberg
Employability coach

My name is Wilma Horselenberg, I am 52 years old, living in Hengelo. After my HBO-V I have worked for 16 years in psychiatry and since 2001 I worked for the Arbo Unie as an employability coach. Since September 2017 I started training for nursing specialist at the HAN in Nijmegen.
I support the corporate physician in employability counseling, but also conduct independent consultation hours. I find that the occurrence of absenteeism is the most important point of departure, but once there is absenteeism, I think it is essential that the leader is involved in the reintegration process. I therefore strongly support 3-person conversations. Preventing and reducing absentee requires trust and optimal cooperation between all parties involved.