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Absence prevention

The University of Twente values an environment where employees are able to perform their job in a safe and healthy manner. You as a supervisor have an essential role in this. What could you for example do to keep your employees healthy or how do you recognize and prevent work pressure amongst your employees? On this page we guide you through different subjects and possibilities.

  • Vitality continuation

    Vitality refers to energy, resilience and health. Vital employees do not only cause an improved work atmosphere, but they also result in lower absenteeism rates. Besides attention for your own vitality, it is also important to focus on the vitality of your employees. The University of Twente facilitates in this by providing the following possibilities:

  • Improvement of vitality

    The goal of preventing absenteeism is that your employees are feeling well and healthy at work. Early recognition of problems is crucial. Preventive interventions can contribute to prevention of partial or full falling-out. They are fit for situations where there is no falling-out yet, but there is a certain risk. The UT facilitates in this process by providing the following preventive interventions:

  • Work pressure

    A high workload can have negative consequences for your employees. Think of deteriorated health, work stress, insomnia, burnout complaints and cardiovascular diseases. It is important that you as a manager, recognize the signals of a high workload and know what you can do to support your employees. The UT tries to support you in this by means of the work pressure indicator below, so that you recognize the signals of a high work pressure and know what is possible.

    Work pressure guide for managers
    Recognizing symptoms

    This cobweb model can be a starting point for a conversation. You can ask your employee to fill in how they are feeling on a scale from 1 to 5.

    It is a practical tool for managers to identify high work pressure among employees in your team and opening up this topic for discussion. The other tools and options are listed on this page as soon as possible.