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Working healthily from home

As a result of the measures regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19), UT asks you to work from home as much as possible. We want you to continue working in a healthy way while doing so.

Besides maintaining a healthy working posture to prevent cramp, neck and/or arm problems, it is also important to pay attention to exercise, relaxation, healthy nutrition, time for social contacts and a good night's sleep. Below you will find a few points of attention to organise your way of working from home as well as possible.

Find a good balance


It is important to find a good balance between work and your private life. The danger of working from home is that the two will merge and you will be less alert to taking breaks. Perhaps you even need to combine working from home with taking care of your children, because they cannot go to day-care facilities. If you feel you are overburdened, please contact your supervisor. Together, look for possible ways to organise or prioritise your work differently.


Because we work from home, it may also occur that your work load has decreased. If that is the case, finding a good day structure and staying in touch with your colleagues is important. It may also enable you to follow online courses, such as Goodhabbitz and Future Learn. If you experience being underburdened, please contact your supervisor. Together you can explore if there are other activities that you can do, or perhaps there are activities of colleagues within your department that you could support.

The home office

Working for a long time on a laptop, without supporting accessories such as a separate keyboard, mouse, and laptop holder (whether or not combined with a document holder), increases the risk of physical complaints. Guideline: working with a laptop without accessories must be limited to a maximum of 2 hours per day (Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 5.1).

In order to ensure that you are facilitated as much as possible in a healthy workplace, it was possible to collect workplace equipment. If you still need to pick up work equipment, please contact your supervisor about possibilities.

If you have any complaints about workplace equipment or would like advice, please contact your HSE co-ordinator. They can provide you with advice by phone or email.

Exercise and relaxation

Finally, a few tips that can help you get enough exercise and relaxation during the day to keep working in a physically and mentally healthy way.

1.       Try to walk or move at least 2-3 times an hour, for 2-3 minutes

2.       Do not plan online meetings consecutively, but make sure there is enough space to get some exercise in between

3.       Make use of the initiatives from UT to exercise or relax more

a)       The UT sports centre offers online workshops for which you can register

b)      An online meditation session 'Mindfulness' by Ferry de Wit, which is offered through bananatree