On this page you find the educational involvement of the AMDA group for the Bachelor and Master courses in Mechanical Engineering (ME), Advanced Technology (AT), Technische Natuurkunde (TN), Technische Geneeskunde (TG), and Industrial Design (ID). An overview of the required steps to complete the administrative process of a master in Mechanical Engineering (ME) can be found here. More information on a bachelors or masters in ME can be found here (Bsc) and here (Msc).

Bachelor courses 

The AMDA group is involved in the following bachelor courses/modules:

Master Courses

The AMDA group is involved in the following master courses:

Master Assignments

Students who are interested in doing a master assignment with the AMDA chair are advised to contact the scientific staff members themselves. A short list of currently available master assignments can be found below and a complete list of assigments is available here. Note however, that more assignments are available in consultation with our staff. 

Finished assignments

In the list below, you find the colloquium announcements from master students who (almost) finished their master assigments within our group. This can give you an idea of what is possible in our chair. A more complete list can be found here.

Finally, before and during your master assigment, regularly check the Procedure for Graduation and the Graduation Checklist.


New internships (when available) will be posted here.

Interested? Do not hesitate to ask us for more information!