Graduate procedure & forms

Procedure for Graduation


The programme can proceed to the issue of the master’s degree certificate when the student has satisfied the following requirements:

  1. At least 6 weeks before graduation the student contacts the graduation professor in order to determine the graduation committee, graduation date and room (where customary via the Department secretary). See also ‘Education and Examination Regulations’ and/or the relevant graduation regulations within the Department;
  2. The student ensures that the ‘Registering Master’s diploma’ form and the colloquium form countersigned by the graduation professor are handed in to the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) four weeks (20 working days) before the graduation date;
  3. The Education Affairs Office (BOZ) then sends to the student (with copy to the graduation professor) an e-mail with the study data of not-yet-completed study phase(s), with the request to check these data within a week, and where necessary to update the course list (change, delete and/or add courses). The student does this by handing in to the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) a copy of the form ‘Change of Master’s courses’ countersigned by the graduation professor;
  4. Immediately thereafter, the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) checks all study data and where applicable the proposals for change which have been handed in;
  5. The marks of all courses, apart from the graduation exam, must be handed in to the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) three weeks before the graduation exam;
  6. If, after that, all requirements for passing the master have been satisfied, the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) registers the student at the Student Services (CSA) (this must be done by the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) two weeks before the examination in written form);
  7. The student ensures that at the time of the graduation exam she/he has been registered for the ME programme at the UT;
  8. Student Services (CSA) checks whether the student has satisfied all (registration) requirements;
  9. Once a each week on the Tuesday before the examination in the following week, the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) goes to Student Services (CSA) to authenticate (with embossed stamp) and register the degree certificate;
  10. About one week before the examination, the student emails to the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) the report of the graduation project in PDF format ((;
  11. When the above rules have been satisfied, the examination is taken, and where successful the student can in principle thereafter sign and receive the degree certificate which has been signed by the chairman of the Examination Committee of Mechanical Engineering and the graduation professor. At this moment the English language degree certificate supplement is also issued. In rare cases, such as large numbers of graduating students in the months of July and August, the Education Affairs Office (BOZ) is in some cases not in a position to be able to hand over the degree certificate on time for the award immediately after the colloquium. The degree certificate can then be received at a later time arranged by the Education Affairs Office (BOZ).
  12. After the final mark of the master exam has been given to the Education Affairs Office and processed, the marks lists (in Dutch and in English) are sent by the Education Affairs Office as soon as possible.

All the forms mentioned above can be downloaded here.