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Past Projects

Generating & optimizing an EMC Test Field for Radiated Immunity measurement
Real Time Enterprise Sensor Networks for Transport and Logistics compatible with Energy Harvesting
Orbiting low frequency Antennas for Radio Astronomy
Localization in Smart Dust Sensor Networks
Smart Grid
Spectrum access Mechanisms for License exempt Radio Systems
Dynamically Reconfigurable Broadband Photonic Access Networks
Protection of Electronics against Lightning
Phased Array Communication Antennas for Mass-market Application Needs
Photonic Base 2
Broadband Photonic beamformer
Improved EMC Test Methods in Industrial Environments
Power Quality and EMC
Smart Antenna Systems for Radio Transceivers
Multi-dimensional optimization of Power Electronics (MOPE)
Seamless Aeronautical Networking through Integration of Data Links, Radios & Antennas
Merging Electronics and Mircro&Nano Photonics in Integrated Systems
Broadband Satellite Communication Services on high-speed Transport Vehicles