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Maritime Innovation


The project is focused at innovating the way we build NAVY ships. Within the TE group, the research and development efforts will be directed at the EMC aspects. Civil shipbuilding, technologies have evolved dramatically. Many standards for NAVY shipbuilding stem from the seventies of the last century. These, outdated, standards prescribe details that are no longer relevant. But, for certification, the ship's installations must conform to existing building standards. This implies that, in the current situation, ships become unnecessary expensive in terms of money and space. Our goal is hence, to devise EMC standards that reflect modern-day technology requirements.

International developments move NAVY operations from Blue Water (open sea) to Littoral (near the shore) areas. Climate changes and subsequent international legislation require more focus on durability. At the same time, the financial crisis and growing competition forces the industry to provide ``More for Less'': ship's customers still expect the same or improved functionality. This brings about a growing interest in ships that are smaller, lighter, faster and environmentally friendlier that can be operated by a much smaller crew.

The bottom line is that major improvements in Naval Shipbuilding are needed. The approach is to use Commercial ``Off the shelf'' (COTS) equipment wherever possible and review EMC standards to remove legacy ruling that is no longer valid: convert from “Rule Based” to “Performance Based”. And with that, Reduce Building Cost, Improve Value and Eliminate Innovation Barriers.