Target groups

The PDEng-programme in Energy and Process Technology focuses on these target groups:

  • Talented graduates of a Master of Science in the field of Energy and/or Process Technology, or a related discipline like Chemical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics (national and international) etcetera, with a special interest in design cases;
  • Graduates of a Master of Science in Energy and Process Technology, or related discipline, with several years of experience within the field. Besides, these graduates must have the ambition and talent to accelerate in finding solutions / creating designs for complex EPT issues with a multidisciplinary character.
  • Graduates of a Master of Science in Energy and Process Technology working at your organization, who have the ambition to get-out the most of their career.

The PDEng programme focuses on talented graduates with an interest in designing solutions for complex technological problems. This means that not everyone will be allowed and that the selection for this track will be strict.

Selection criteria

Candidates will be tested based on these selection criteria:

  • CV candidate, with special attention to: results MSc, other diplomas, courses and years and type of work experience (if applicable);
  • Motivation candidate, with special focus on demonstrable affinity with design and multidisciplinary assignments;
  • Professional skills, such as English language skills, communication and interpersonal skills, teamwork, initiative and self-reflection; and
  • Letter(s) of recommendation senior / graduate professor.

The selection will be done by the PDEng-selection committee.


If you are interested in this PDEng track Energy & Process Technology, read more about how to apply.