BIT Programme and courses

The EngD programme in Business & IT is a two year post master programme that consists of three blocks: a block professional development, a block with in-depth and broadening courses and the technological design project. These blocks with a total of 120 EC can run parallel to each other.

The block with in-depth and broadening courses can partly be tailored to the technological design project. Gained skills in professional development and gained knowledge from in-depth and broadening courses are employed in the design project. During the design project, you transfer results into technological innovation in industry or society.

Professional Development

The professional development courses are intended to improve professional skills and advance career opportunities. Therefore, the coursea in Professional Effectiveness and the TGS Introductory Workshop (including Scientific Integrity) are compulsory. Other courses are elective and can be chosen in consultation with your supervisors. The total study load of the professional development courses is 6-10 EC. 
See for an overview of professional development courses.

In-Depth and broadening courses

This education block carries a total study load of at least 45 EC and comprises a compulsory block and an elective block.

Compulsory Core courses

 The compulsory block includes four courses:

Some compulsory courses are Master courses that needs to be accompanied with assignments, specific for the EngD trainee. The compulsory courses will always be at a post-master level.

Elective Courses

The elective block of at least 12 EC allow you to extend your competences in a specific track as a further preparation for the design project and future career. For the composition of this elective block you can take courses in the fields of e-business architectures, e-business processes and coordination, security and data-analytics. Elective courses can either be master courses or post-master courses at the University of Twente, national research schools, Capita Selecta courses, conference visits (incl. paper and/or poster), summer schools or in-company courses.


The design project (≥60 EC) will be defined in close consultation with the organisation or institution where you will be working for. The project can arise from a design question from the organisation/institution or from the valorisation of PhD research where industry/government has an inquiry to. The programme ensures that the design project is innovative and complex, contains sufficient design aspects and is sufficiently multidisciplinary. The design project is individually in the sense that you have your own project. Because of the complex and multidisciplinary character of the project, in most projects you will work together with colleagues. The University of Twente ensures that there is a clear part of the design, for which you are responsible and for which you will be judged.