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FAQ VISA Appointment Formalities

  • How many appointments must I make?

    VISA students: standard 3

    1. IND, with the exception of students who already have a Dutch residence permit
    2. Municipality, with the exception of students who will live outside the municipality of Enschede; they can contact the municipality in question
    3. GGD (Municipal Health Service), with the exception of students whose nationalities are included in this list.

    NON-Visa students: standard 1 

    1. Municipality: for students who found a room/housing in the municipality of Enschede and who will be staying for more than 4 months
  • There are not many options for appointments in the system, will additional time slots be added?

    All dates and times are now in the system. We have made agreements with the organisations about specific moments they will see UT students. There are sufficient time slots available to help all students. This is why we advise you to schedule your appointment in good time, so you can choose the time that suits you.

  • I am not available for any of the times as I have a lecture or another activity scheduled at those times.

    Unfortunately, these are the only available times, which means that you will have to move other activities to another moment and/or cancel them (you may have to skip a lecture). When you fail to make an appointment or do not show up, it will have consequences: failing to register means  losing your residence permit, for example. 

  • What is the deadline for making an appointment?

    For the municipality, health clinic and IND: appointments can be made up until the day before the actual appointment date.

  • Can I still change my appointment?

    Yes, as long as the deadline has not been reached (see question above) and there are other available times. You will first need to cancel your original appointment before booking a new one, however.

  • How do I cancel my appointment?

    Through the link in your confirmation email you will be directed to the PlanZelf webpage. There is a black banner on the top of the webpage that you can click on. It starts with: “Below you can edit your appointment”.

  • I did not show up at my appointment, what should I do now?

    Contact the Student Services desk.

  • Where do I go for the appointments?

    The locations are mentioned in the information email you received about the appointment system.

  • I only have a temporary room, do I still need to register with the municipality?

    You can only register with the municipality when you have a rental contract or an official sublet agreement. In fact you are obliged to do so. As soon as you move, you need to inform the municipality.

  • Which documents do I have to bring?

    This information can be found in the information email you received about the appointment system. 

  • What exactly happens at the TB screening?

    An X-ray will be made of your upper body, which means that you will have to bare your upper body. The GGD will then inform the IND that the X-ray has been made. Should you be diagnosed with TB, the GGD will contact you. Students from certain countries will be asked to come in for a second test after six months.

  • I am not yet 18, do I have to follow other procedures?

    At the TB screening, a Mantoux test (small injection on the hand) will be done instead of a chest X-ray.

  • How can I find out when I have a lecture?

    Before the start of the academic year the faculty can tell you more about the course timetables, so contact the study advisor of your programme.