Register at the municipality

All international students staying at UT longer than four months must register at the municipal civil registry (GBA). 

How to register at the Enschede municipal records database

Before the start of your study in February or September, we will send you an invitation to make an appointment in an online planner. Group appointments will be made available, more information will be given within a month of the start of your study.

Should you arrive at a different time, you will have to make an individual appointment yourself. To make an appointment with the municipality of Enschede, use the contact information on their website.

In case you will be living in Hengelo, you can register here by using the contact information on their website.

If you are going to live in a different city, you will have to enquire at your local municipality about how to arrange your registration there. If you have any questions regarding your municipal registration, contact

Keep in mind that your registration at the municipality is based on your address. You are required to notify the municipality if you move to a different address. At the municipality of Enschede, you can send an email to: In your email, you should also attach a copy of your new rental agreement and your passport. For the municipality of Hengelo, you can find information about relocation on their website.

ITC students

ITC students will be guided through registration at the municipality by ITC student affairs.

Burger service nummer (BSN)

Around three weeks after having registered at the municipal civil registry, you will receive a letter from the municipality stating your Burger Service Nummer (BSN). This letter will be written in Dutch. The BSN is your personal service number for all Dutch authorities. You will need it as identification on official documents (study subsidy forms, rental contracts etc.) during your stay in the Netherlands. Please keep this important document in your file!

Check the brochure for general information about the Municipal Personal Records Database & BSN (PDF file).