Coursewithin the PDEng programme in Maintenance

The two years lasting PDEng programme in Maintenance consists of three blocks: a block professional development, a block with in-depth and broadening courses and the technological design project.

Professional Development

The course in Professional Effectiveness is compulsory, and others are elective (in consultation with your supervisors). The total study load of the professional development courses is 6-10 EC.

Professional Development courses

Electives during the Professional Development part:

  • Technical Writing
  • Perfecting your Publication
  • Time management
  • Presenting
  • Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Projectmanagement
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Influence Effectively
  • Ethics
  • Analytic Storytelling
  • Personal Branding
  • From Idea to Patent to Business
  • Dutch (compulsory for foreign students)

In-Depth and broadening courses

This education block carries a total study load of at least 45 EC and comprises a compulsory block and an elective block.

Compulsory Courses

The compulsory block includes six compulsory courses, i.e. Systems Engineering, Design Methodology, Failure Mechanisms and Life Prediction, Structural Health and Condition Monitoring, Design for Maintenance, and Maintenance Strategies and Engineering.

Some compulsory courses are Master courses that needs to be accompanied with assignments, specific for the PDEng trainee. The compulsory courses will always be at a post-master level.

Elective Courses

For the elective block (15-19 EC), together with the direct supervisors you can select courses which are of interest for the technological design project. Elective courses can either be master courses or post-master courses.

Elective courses

* Post-Master course offered by the Graduate school of Engineering Mechanics

** Post-Master course offered by the Twente Graduate School

Students who attended the courses mentioned above during their MSc program had included, can replace these courses by other maintenance courses of 5-7.5 EC. These students have to do two PDEng-specific assignments, linked to the two subjects of their choice listed above.