Beatriz from Brazil

Name: Beatriz
Country of Origin: Brasil
Programme: Civil Engineering & Management (MSc)

My idea of going abroad was to get more than a degree 

Hi everyone! My name is Beatriz Braga de Carvalho, I was born in Fortaleza - Ceará, northeast part of Brazil. I am currently doing Msc in Civil Engineering & Management Master's programme, with specialization in Construction Management and Engineering.

If I were asked a few years ago if I wanted to follow a master's program abroad, the answer would probably be no. However, over the years situations have changed (and gladly I changed too) and after 4 years from my bachelor graduation and of work experience, I started to feel that I could grow more if I opened my mind and my career to an international experience. Today I can say that I am living a dream that I did not even know I had.

I started searching for a master program by looking at possibilities in every country, but soon the University of Twente caught my attention. The University has a very informative website where I could find everything the university could offer me: a chance to study a program that mixes management and technical aspects (it is no wonder that the university ́s approach is “High Tech – Human Touch”) , an incredible campus and many extracurricular activities that could help me boost my professional and personal lives. After all, my idea of going abroad was to get more than a degree. During the application process the care and attention of the University were also high points in my opinion. All the answers I needed were given very promptly by the various communication channels that the University provides, which greatly facilitated the whole process.

About the student route, I must say that the challenges are daily. I remember on the first day, the professor asked us to form groups and decide the theme of an assignment that should be delivered within few days. However, every new challenge is exciting and rewarding. The ease of access to university departments and professors to give support and to answer questions (“High Tech Human Touch” approach showing up again) , makes the process more dynamic and facilitated.

In addition, the university facilities are dedicated to make your (many) study hours as comfortable as possible. You can choose to study in an exclusive room, leaning on a bean at the library, and even outdoors (if the weather cooperates, of course), which makes it very common for you to spend the day at the university and yet not feel exhausted.

About living in Netherlands, especially in Enschede, I often say that it is a simple and very happy life. The city is small if we compare the main Brazilian cities, however it offers a lot of options of leisure, public parks, nightlife and shopping. In addition, the city is all flat, what makes it easy to go everywhere by bicycle. Still, the country is small and Enschede borders Germany, so you can easily pick up a train and arrive in Amsterdam or in some city in Germany within a couple of hours.

In conclusion, to study at University of Twente is a unique experience that I would advise everyone. I promise, you won ́t regret it!

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