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According to the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) each educational programme or group of programmes has an examination board. The examination board is the forum that determines whether a student has fulfilled the conditions with regard to knowledge, insight and skills as stated in Education and Examination Regulation (EER) of the Master Insert Shaping Responsible Futures, which is based on the EER of the University of Twente. The examination board has several other tasks and competences according to the WHW and the EER. One of these competences is to make exceptions to the rules for students, such as exemptions, free educational programmes and extra exam or test opportunities. For that students can submit a request to the examination board. The examination board also judges cases of fraud (plagiarism) and determines the sanctions. Furthermore the examination board is commissioned to set out policy for safeguarding quality of testing and examination. The examination board appoints examiners for administering and grading tests and exams, monitors the relationship between programme specific learning goals and the learning goals of tests/assignments in the modules, and safeguard the quality of the assessment.

The meetings of the examination boards are held on a regular basis. 

The examination board consist of the following members:





Student request can be submitted to

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