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How to submit a request

According to the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) the examination board has the competence to deviate from the rules stated in the Education and Examination Regulation (EER) of this university in specific cases. For that students can submit a motivated request which then will be decided on by the examination board. The board is only competent to handle requests of students who are enrolled in a programme of the University of Twente. 


When you want to submit a request, please read the following information carefully. Please submit your request in English. Only requests that are complete and submitted by application form will be handled.
If the request is complete, the examination board will pass on its decision in writing (via UT student mail) on time, but in principle no later than eight weeks after receipt of the (complete) request (according Awb).
If the decision cannot be taken within eight weeks the examination board will inform the student and will speficy a resonable period within which the decision can be met. In case of an incomplete or inadequate request, which makes it imposseble to decide on, a recovery period can be set.
If the student does not complete the inadequate request within this period, the request will possibly be withdrawn from consideration.

There are four examination boards, each representing specific educational programmes. Make sure you address the right board. A request will be handled by the board as soon as possible. You will receive the decision of the board on your request as soon as possible after handling.

Required information

Requests can only be submitted through our web application form.

  • First you fill out your personal information and the subject of your request.
  • Then you upload your motivation. In this motivation you refer to the rule from the EER that applies to the subject of your request. Here is a sample letter of a good motivation.
  • Your request must be completed with several attachments. All requests must at least come with a detailed study progress overview showing the results of all individual module or course components (Download pdf-file from Osiris). A statement from your study advisor in case of personal circumstances is mandatory for the examination board of Management Sciences. Other attachments may be e.g. a medical statement, a certificate or an exemption form.

    The subjects on which the examination boards can decide are mentioned in the EER of the UT and in the Rules and Guidelines (R&G) of the examination boards of BMS (click on the links for the full texts). Below and/or in the menu are all subjects. Click on the subject of your request and read the information before you fill in the application form.

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