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How to submit a request

According to the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (Wet Hoger onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk onderzoek, WHW) the examination board has the competence to deviate from certain provisions in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of this university in specific individual cases. In order to qualify, students can submit a motivated request which will be decided on by the examination board. The examination boards are only competent to handle requests of students who are enrolled in a programme of the faculty BMS. 


Please read the following information from section 6.01 and 6.02 of the Rules & Guidelines of the examination boards BMS carefully before submitting a request.

  1. Students seeking an exception to the EER have to send in a written request, using the application form via our website. Requests are preferably written in English.
  2. Requests are only handled if submitted in time and accompanied by all required and relevant documentation. Requests have to be motivated, including the reference to the rule from the EER that applies to the subject of the student’s request. Information on conditions, as well as sample letters are published on our website.
  3. A complete and detailed study progress overview (SVO/SPO) from Osiris has to be added by the student in all cases.
  4. Student requests submitted because of personal circumstances will not be handled unless the student has notified the study advisor of the circumstances and the study advisor has confirmed them in writing. Personal circumstances have to be directly and uniquely related to the subject of the student's request.


Requests can only be submitted through our web application form. There are four examination boards, each representing a specific group of educational programmes. Make sure you address the right board. 

If your request is incomplete, the examination board will ask you to complete it, setting a deadline. The decision term for the examination board will be extended by the time you need to complete the request. If the deadline passes without you having completed the request, the examination board will not handle it.  

Your complete request will be handled by the examination board, which will pass its decision in writing (via UT student mail) in principle no later than eight weeks after receipt of the (complete) request (in accordance with Dutch administrative legislation Awb). In the unlikely event that the examination board would be unable to take a decision within eight weeks, it will inform you specifying a reasonable period within which you can expect the decision. 

Please note: pending the decision of the examination board, you must in principle take part in the (next) regular scheduled test/exam. Your test will not be graded until the examination board has decided whether its result is valid. Participating in the test is for the account and risk of the student.

subjects for requests

The subjects on which the examination boards can decide are mentioned in the EER and in the Rules and Guidelines (R&G) of the examination boards of BMS (click on the links for the full texts). The subjects are listed below and/or in the menu . Please read the information before you fill in the application form.