Programme Structure

Why this programme?


Many universities offer (English-taught) programmes related to sustainability and energy technology. Ours is different. And our university is different from others, too. Check our SET programme’s distinctive features and also explore the unique benefits of studying the UT.

Distinctive features of our SET programme

A ‘4TU’ programme with a special focus on innovation and entrepreneurship

The SET programme is offered at each of the three universities in the Netherlands that work together under the umbrella of the 4TU Federation: Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology and the UT. Each university adds its own specializations to the SET course. You will automatically be co-registered at all three, with access to their facilities and courses. The most distinctive features of the UT programme are our focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and societal change: if you want technologies to get rolled out and working in the real world, the UT – already widely recognized for being a highly entrepreneurial university with a strong track record in application – is the place to start. On top of that we also offer unique research specializations. In many of these areas, our researchers are among the world’s best. These areas include:

  • The integration of solar energy into products
  • Thermal and chemical conversion processes for biomass
  • Computational fluid dynamics of wind turbines
  • Large-scale production of hydrogen
  • Water- and energy-related issues
  • Smart grids
  • Governance for smart energy systems

New technologies have to be integrated into existing socio-technological networks. As one of tomorrow’s engineers and researchers, you will explore new forms of energy distribution, new energy market structures and smarter ways to satisfy the demands of our complex society.

A unique specialization track: Bioresource Value Chain Management’ (BVM)

Our university is the first in Europe to offer a Master’s track in Bioresource Value Chain Management (BVM). You can pursue this track in the final year of the SET programme, as an alternative to the Sustainable Energy Technology specialization track. With Europe and many other parts of the world in desperate need of more professionals capable of understanding and innovating bio-based economies, the BVM track is a bull’s-eye programme.

  • Get equipped to manage and lead the European and global transition towards a bio-economy
  • Learn to initiate and develop new value chains out of local bioresources and to turn these into sustainable economic value for the regions in question
  • Become an authority who can manage, optimize and innovate entire bioresource supply chains in regional European contexts and optimize bioresource utilization in the framework of a bio-economy.

During the BVM track, furthermore, you will examine bioresources from the perspectives of energy and material – an angle that is unique in Europe.

Unique benefits of studying at the UT

  • The University of Twente is among the world´s leading technical universities, which means you will be studying on the cutting edge of technological advancement (QS Stars awarded us five stars, placing our university on a par with such universities as Harvard and Yale). You will be surrounded by knowledge and new technology and throughout the SET programme, we will expose you to some of the world’s leading researchers in areas connecting energy and society
  • The UT has a high international profile (like the SET Master’s programme), meaning that on graduation your language and cross-cultural skills and experience will open doors for you into almost any international setting
  • At the UT you will gain highly valuable experience in working in teams and across disciplines through our hands-on, project-based education, in which you tackle real problems in small teams
  • We invest in your professional and personal growth and our student-driven learning concept means you get to carve out your own learning path, while our job is to mentor, monitor, coach and instruct you, helping to ensure that you reach your goals
  • We view ‘high tech’ as a force that will only reach its full potential of coupled to a distinctly ‘human touch’ – and that energy technologies will only contribute to a more sustainable future if committed, creative people with a broad view on societal change get on board
  • The UT offers a unique park-like campus with world-class studying and research facilities as well as an abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities – studying and living here is an experience in itself!

Is this you? A SET student profile…

So how can you be certain the University of Twente’s Sustainable Energy Technology Master’s programme will give you what you’re looking for? Check the quotes we’ve come up with to outline a (very general!) student profile. The more these statements resonate with you, the more likely this Master’s is a good choice for you.

  • ‘I have a technical Bachelor’s degree and I like technology and understand mathematics – but I want to broaden my view and prepare myself for a more multidisciplinary and enabling role in society’
  • ‘I’m definitely excited about renewable energy engineering and learning more about wind and solar energy, hydrogen or energy from biomass – but I’d like to tackle it in a societal and environmental context and not just from a technology perspective’
  • ‘I want to be part of a new generation of engineers equipped and eager to lead the renewable energy revolution!’
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