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As a Bachelor's student from a university of applied sciences (HBO), you need to complete a Pre-Master's first.

As a bachelor’s student from a university of applied sciences (HBO), you may be considered for admission to the Pre-Master's in Robotics. Applications are assessed on an individual basis. The programme normally covers 30 European Credits and generally starts in September. You have to complete the Pre-Master's successfully in order to gain admission to the Master’s. Admission to a master’s or pre-master's largely depends on your previous academic results and study programme.

To qualify for the (Pre-)Master's in Robotics, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Condition 1 Completion of a HBO bachelor's in a related field

    Whether you will be directly admitted to the Pre-Master's, depends on your previous education. Related programmes are: Electrical Engineering (Elektrotechniek), Mechanical Engineering (Werktuigbouwkunde) and Mechatronics (Mechatronica).

    In all cases, the admission committee will conduct an individual assessment procedure to determine if you have sufficient basic qualifications in Robotics. Therefore, know that you can always apply for admission.

  • Condition 2 Brush up on English and Mathematics

    Before starting with the pre-master's, we advise you to freshen or brush up your knowledge of English and Mathematics. This is because the Master's in Robotics is taught in English and in-depth expertise level in Mathematics is indispensable. Additional courses can be taken at, for example, Babel and Boswell Bèta or the Open Universiteit.

  • Condition 3 Motivation and grades
    • Your grades are above the average
    • Positive assessment of your English-language letter of application (part of the application form)

The Pre-Master's in a nutshell

Do I need to apply for a pre-master's? 

You don't need to apply for the Pre-Master's directly. You apply by signing up for this Master's. UT will alter this to a pre-master's registration. Once you are admitted, you get access to the Pre-Master's automatically.

Start your application 

How you apply, depends on whether you take the Pre-Master's during or after your HBO bachelor's. If you take (part of) the Pre-Master's during your bachelor's, you apply for a transfer minor via the Kies op Maat website. If you decide to do the Pre-Master's after completing your bachelor's, you apply via Studielink.

Attend the Pre-master's after your HBO bachelor's?
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Haven't graduated yet?

You may be admitted to the Pre-Master's on the condition that you still have to pass. Therefore, you can start up your application even though you have not yet completed your HBO bachelor's. You may be granted conditional acceptance based on your transcripts, detailed curriculum information, relevant research and expected graduation date. To finally be enrolled in the (Pre-)Master's, you do need to submit your bachelor's degree, once you have obtained this.

Start dates

After completing your HBO bachelor's and the Pre-Master's, you can start your Master's in Robotics in February or SeptemberThe Pre-Master's starts every September. Keep an eye on the application deadline and check them prior to your application. However, the deadline depends on the route you chose. 

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