Do you have a Bachelor’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences (HBO) or from another Research University, and are you interested in taking the Master’s in Public Administration? In some cases you may first need to complete a pre-master’s programme before being admitted to the Master’s.

What is a pre-master's programme?

The pre-Master’s is a bridging programme which will give you the knowledge and skills you need to embark on your master’s studies successfully. Following completion of the pre-Master’s you will be admitted to the Master’s in Public Administration. HBO students can take the pre-Master’s following completion of their Bachelor’s degree or incorporate the pre-Master’s into their Bachelor’s studies. In general you can check your HBO-university transfer opportunities here.

Start dates

You can start the (pre-)Master’s programme in September or February. For students that are admitted with a background in an University of Applied Sciences, find more details about your programme here.


Eligibility for admission to the pre-Master's programme depends on your previous education. Check out more information on admission.


If you have any questions, please contact our Study Information Centre.

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