First year

The Master’s in Mechanical Engineering is a two-year programme. During the first year, you will become familiar with the theoretical basis of your chosen specialization and profile. Assessments are conducted by means of written or oral examinations and/or assignments.

Your specialization will fall under one of the following research sections of the Faculty of Engineering Technology: Applied Mechanics; Biomechanical Engineering; Design, Production and Management; Elastomer Technology and Engineering; Engineering Fluid Dynamics; Multi Scale Mechanics; Mechanical Automation & Mechatronics; Maintenance Engineering & Operations, Surface Technology & Tribology, Production Technology or Thermal Engineering.

Second year

The second year of your programme is devoted to your internship and graduation project.


All specializations of the Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering (ME) include a mandatory internship. The internship is scheduled between the course work and the graduation project, which means that you will most likely do your internship at the beginning of the second year of your programme. Although you are supposed to find a suitable employer for this internship yourself, the Student Mobility Centre (SMC) of the Faculty of Engineering Technology can help you secure a place.

International Experience

One of the objectives of the Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering is to enable students to gain international experience, for instance by going on an internship abroad. International internships are therefore very much encouraged.

Graduation Project

The graduation project is the programme’s final component. The project shows that you are able to function on an academic level and to deliver a valuable contribution to the research field within your chosen specialization. In addition, this will be the first time that you will work independently on an academic level among more senior colleagues.

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