Double Degree

Double Degree Mechanical Engineering

General Information

Full Double degree (120 EC)

The master ‘Mechanical Engineering’ is a double degree master programme. This master is a cooperation between the University of Twente and KAIST. Completing the master programme (120 EC) will result in two master degrees:

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UT
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from KAIST

The duration of this master programme is two years, which entails a total of four semesters. Students are expected to stay two semesters at each university. In addition, this double degree applies to UT students in the MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering, track Design & Construction (D&C) and Research & Development (R&D).


This programme gives Mechanical Engineering students from Twente the opportunity to take Master’s degree courses in South-Korea and graduate in the field of Mechanical Engineering at one of the world’s leading research universities in education, science and technology.

KAIST was established in 1971 to model a research focused university and to foster elite human resources in science and technology needed by the nation. Over the past 42 years, KAIST has developed into one of the world’s leading research universities in education, science, and technology. KAIST has outstanding students motivated to pursue excellence, distinguished professors committed to quality teaching and research, and state-of-the-art facilities to support technology innovation. KAIST has also enjoyed extensive support and recognition from the global community.

More information

  • If you have specific questions on the content of the programme please contact the double degree coordinator: A. de Boer
  • For questions on eligibility please contact A. de Boer
  • For questions regarding international issues, such as scholarships, you can contact the Exchange Coordinator of our faculty: D. van de Belt

Application and Deadlines

Admission requirements

The number of students who can opt for the double degree is limited. Therefore, a selection will be made. In order to be admitted to the double degree programme, the following requirements have to be fulfilled before you can go to KAIST:

  • Completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or related with a result above average, and eligible for admission or have been admitted into the Master of Science degree programme Mechanical Engineering (UT).
  • Sufficient English language skills (master is taught entirely in English) and fulfil the language requirements of KAIST.


The double degree program is available for a maximum of 5 students per academic year. Your application should include the following documents:

  • A motivation letter
  • Resume (c.v.)
  • Study plan which includes all intended courses at both KAIST as UT, to ensure no overlap in courses will exist
  • A transcript of records (Tor) of the courses you have done including Grade Point Average

You should send your application to D. van de Belt.


Students from UT can start in August or February at KAIST.

Start in 

Fall semester (August)

Spring semester (February)

Application deadline

1st of January

1st of September

Programme Information

Students pursuing the KAIST-UT double degree must fulfil the programme requirements of both institutions. UT uses the European Credit Transfer System, where a full degree contains 120 European Credits. KAIST uses 36 KAIST credits as a full study load for the 2 year programme. As such, 3 KAIST credit points equal 10 UT credits.

The standard period of study is four semesters, which corresponds to 120 EC in UT (36 credits in KAIST), consisting of three semesters of course work, and a master thesis that is usually written in the fourth semester. To qualify for the double degree, students are required to gather 18 credit points from KAIST and 60 EC from UT. Credits for the programme components can be mixed from UT and KAIST. Within the double degree two consecutive semesters are taken at the host institution. This can either be:

Modality 1. The second and third semester abroad
Modality 2. The third and fourth semester abroad

Modality 1

Modality 2

Semester 1

30 EC courses

30 EC courses

Semester 2

9 KC courses

15 EC courses + 15 EC individual design or research project

Semester 3

6 KC courses, of which at least 3 KC lab. focused 3 KC thesis

6 KC courses + 3 KC thesis

Semester 4

30 EC thesis

9 KC thesis

For an overview of the courses, click here. 

Students have to meet the following requirements to graduate:

  • Pass 20 EC worth of courses linked to the chosen MSc track (e.g. R&D)
  • Pass 5 EC worth of courses linked to the other (not chosen) MSc track (e.g. D&C)
  • Pass at least 15 EC of courses linked to the chosen MSc thesis specialisation for graduation
  • Perform an internship of at least 15 EC. The internship can be contained within the master thesis assignment if the practical work is performed at KAIST. The full thesis will then consist of 60 EC.
  • Perform a research thesis of at least 40 EC
  • End up with a total of 120 EC for the whole MSC ME programme.

Financial matters

Tuition fee and programme costs

If you choose a double degree, you need to stay enrolled at the UT when you are following courses (including exams and working on your master thesis). If you do not pay your tuition fee, you are not entitled to use the services of the UT.

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