In addition to meeting academic requirements, a practical work portfolio is required as a part of the admission process for the master program Industrial Design Engineering. 

Why do you need a portfolio? 

Within Industrial Design Engineering you have the opportunity to explore multiple areas of creativity, where varied types of products will be generated. All this information gathered provides the tangible proof of your experience and work. Therefore, by applying for the IDE master programme you need to submit a proof of your present work to determine if you are admissible to the Master’s programme.

What should it contain? 

The portfolio represents the compilation of your work such as sketches, drawings, graphic designs, 3D CAD models and other projects that show your experience and in which your skills are represented. This may also include projects from working experience. You can add a description per project that explains the work shorty (what kind of project, goals, inspiration, solution) and tells what your contribution was in that project.  

How should it look? 

Your portfolio can be a (digital) booklet, website or video. Choose what suits the best for you and your work. You can make your portfolio personal by making your own layout that represents you and your creativity. Keep the layout consistent, structured and in visual harmony. When making a booklet or poster, you can use a graphic grid to speed up the building of the portfolio by guiding you where content should be placed. 

The size of the portfolio

  1. The portfolio should consist of at least 2 and at most 10 projects. Quality is more important than quantity.
  2. The portfolio should be uploaded in PDF format with a maximum size of 5 MB.
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