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The one-year Master’s programme in European Studies is an internationally oriented programme taught entirely in English. It’s aim is to provide you with exceptional, in-depth instruction in the principles of European Studies. The programme is worth 60 credits and leads to the title of Master of Science (MSc). You can join the programme in September.

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What is European Studies?

European Studies deals with the economic, political, legal, cultural and linguistic aspects of our relationship to the European Union. It also works toward achieving a more holistic perspective on the political system and its underlying processes. This can be illustrated with reference to a number of current issues of major concern to us all:

To solve these problems, Europe needs researchers at universities, consultancies or think-tanks who are capable of analysing them and devising intelligent, effective solutions. There is also a need for professionals who can contribute to legitimate, efficient and effective policies in:

The Master’s programme in European Studies offers you the perfect preparation for a graduate career in this fascinating field and for helping Europe to solve its societal problems.

Programme structure

The Master’s in European Studies is taught entirely in English. You can choose between two options at the end of the first semester:

  1. A one-year Master’s programme at the University of Twente that consists of 60 credits spread over two semesters and leads to the title of Master of Science (MSc). The curriculum of the master programme (Global and) European Studies consists of six core courses of 5 EC each, an optional course of 5 EC and the master thesis of 25 EC. More information on the Master's structure.

  2. A Double degree Master’s programme at the University of Twente and the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. This is a two-year programme called Comparative Public Governance. This programme leads to a double diploma. More information on this Double Degree programme.

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See the programme structure and course descriptions in the Master's year or read about the career perspectives

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