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European Studies

There is a huge and growing demand for European experts capable of responding effectively to the challenges of European integration. The Master’s in European Studies will equip you with a broad understanding of the inner workings of Europe and prepare you for a wide range of jobs in government, the private sector or non-governmental organisations such as Greenpeace.

Prospective employers

Prospective employers include government ministries, local authorities, consultancies, international organisations, businesses and trade unions. You might also pursue an academic career, carrying out research into European issues at a leading institute, a university, in a private enterprise or with a government research department.

You could well end up working for one of the European Union’s many agencies or for one of the hundreds of lobby groups in Brussels whose aim is to influence European policy. However, the EU’s operations in Brussels are less extensive than people often imagine. The majority of European-level decisions are in fact developed by, and taken in the separate member states.

Whichever career path you take, you are sure to find yourself searching for solutions and working out compromises together with your counterparts from other countries. Studying alongside an international group of students on the European Studies programme is therefore excellent preparation for your future career.

Teaching in Social Sciences

Have you ever considered a teaching career in the social sciences? If you feel inspired to impart your knowledge to the younger generation, the one-year Teaching Master’s in Social Sciences is the ideal programme for you.

If you are fluent in Dutch, this option is open to you after completing a Master’s in European Studies or Public Administration. It is worth remembering that this government-funded programme entitles you to an extra year of student financing.

Opportunities for international students

The University of Twente encourages international students to start their career in the Netherlands. The Connect project will help you find appealing job opportunities to get your career off to a flying start.

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