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The Master’s in Embedded Systems provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the interaction of embedded systems within their physical and network environments. You’ll get to know all about resource-boundedness, dependability and approaches to systems design.

Embedded systems are becoming more and more important. The exponential increase in computing power, ubiquitous connectivity and the convergence of technology have resulted in hardware/software systems being embedded in everyday products and places. It goes without saying that embedded systems engineers have excellent career prospects, due to the increasing integration of hardware and software in applications.

You’ll build your own future based on your personal interests, whether you’d like to be a researcher, a designer (developer of new products and services) or an organiser (managing an engineering department or providing consultancy services).

You can combine research and development in the R&D departments of companies. Think of radar technology (Thales), energy efficient solutions (NXP semiconductors, Nedap), latest technology for manufacturing integrated circuits (ASML). Embedded Systems graduates also started their career at, for example, TNO, ProDrive, and Benchmark Electronics. Our research groups enjoy close ties with all of these companies. These connections might help you find your first job, often with an internship as a first step. You might also decide to specialise further by becoming a PhD researcher with one of our research groups or elsewhere. You could even start your own business as many of our graduates have done.

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