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Physiological signals and systems

This specialization is part of the Master's programme Biomedical Engineering.

What is Physiological signals and systems?

This specialization focusses on the central nervous system. Our cutting-edge scientific work covers topics such as analyzing models of the brain to gain a better understanding of diseases like epilepsy, studying how electrical stimuli can restore impaired body functions (like Parkinson and strokes) or the development of improved diagnostics and novel treatments for clinical neurology. Often, the research is related to specific clinical questions from the healthcare sector.

Key research areas

Examples of research related to this specialization:

  • Research about the possibilities of deep brain stimulation to improve posture and movement control.
  • Research into the development of therapies for people with chronic pain, in which mathematical models are used to predict clinical results.
  • The development of new techniques for the improvement of brain monitoring in the intensive care unit with a focus on detecting epileptiform discharges and ischemia.  

Programme structure

The programme consists of a mix of core courses and electives, enabling you to create your own tailor-made Master’s programme. 

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