Neural & Motor systems

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Biomedical Engineering.

What is Neural & Motor Systems?

Research in this specialization focusses on the actual restoration of nervous and motor system function. Our cutting-edge scientific work covers topics such as helping patients rehabilitate with the aid of robots, selective electro-stimulation and innovative body and orthopedic prosthetic devices. Often, the research is related to specific clinical questions from the healthcare sector.

Key research areas

The research groups that participate in Neural & Motor Systems are all active on different anatomic levels, ranging from cells and tissues to the complete organism. They take a variety of approaches. Some groups are engaged in modelling and simulation, while others carry out in vitro and in vivo experiments. Working together, the groups are able to develop new equipment to diagnose and treat patients faster and more effectively. The researchers in the Neural & Motor Systems specialization also work closely with strategic partners in the Netherlands and abroad to test new applications.

Programme structure

At the start of the Biomedical Engineering programme, you will select a specialization and a corresponding research group. The programme consists of a mix of core courses and electives, enabling you to create your own tailor-made Master’s programme.

Research groups participating in the Neural & Motor Systems specialization:


Compulsory courses in the specialization in Neural & Motor Systems (20 credits)

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