Programme structure

Factsheet Biomedical Engineering

Programme overview

Admission requirements
Academic degree
Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology, Applied Physics, Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek, Biomedical Technology, Biomedische Technologie, Chemical Engineering, Chemie, Chemische Technologie, Electrical Engineering, Elektrotechniek, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronica, Technical Medicine, Technische Natuurkunde, University College Twente (ATLAS), Werktuigbouwkunde
Previous Education
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering or Biomedical Technology (or equivalent)
Knowledge Minimum
CGPA of at least 75% of the maximum score
Personal Motivation
Clear motivation of goals. High level of motivation and commitment.
Tuition fees 2013 / 2014
full-time, statutory tarif
€ 1.835
Tuition fees 2017 / 2018
full-time, statutory tarif
€ 2.006
full-time, institutional
€ 14.000
full-time, non-EU/EER tarif
€ 14.000
Tuition fees 2018 / 2019
full-time, statutory tarif
€ 2.060
full-time, institutional
€ 14.250
full-time, non-EU/EER tarif
€ 14.250


  • High student satisfaction
    The education programme is well appreciated by our current student.
  • Participating in technical medical research
    During your education you will be participating in the top technical medical research programmes of the University of Twente.
  • Focus on health and technology
    At the University of Twente ‘health’ is a major theme. We work on current issues in healthcare daily and across various disciplines. The main objective is always to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. By inspiring education, international and practically oriented research, an entrepreneurial attitude and collaboration the University of Twente effectively contributes to changes in healthcare.
  • Research, design and development
    You will not only be trained in conducting research, but you will also learn to actually design new healthcare solutions.
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