Admission / Enrolment

Completed HBO degree

As a Bachelor’s student from a university of applied sciences (HBO), you can apply for admission to both one and two-year Master’s programmes.

In order to gain and/or improve the knowledge and skills needed to start a Master’s programme, it is often necessary to follow an additional pre-Master’s programme which you have to pass in order to gain admission to the Master’s programme. Pre-Master’s programmes range from 30 to 60 ECTS credits. Admission to a Master’s or pre-Master’s programme largely depends on your previous academic results and study programme.

There are two routes for HBO students, depending on where you have studied:

  1. Students studying at Saxion can begin the transfer during their HBO studies
  2. All other HBO students begin the transfer after completing their HBO studies  

Transferring from university of applied sciences (HBO) to Biomedical Engineering

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study (for example Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Chemical Engineering) may be considered for admission after first completing a pre-Master’s programme. Admission to the pre-Master’s is dependent on prior education, the applicant’s chosen specialization and the coherence between the two. The programme will be composed of courses in mathematics and content-specific courses related to the chosen specialization.

Example of pre-Master’s programme for the following hbo studies:

  • Technische Natuurkunde: Pre master 'Imaging and Diagnostics'
  • Werktuigbouwkunde: Pre master 'Neural and Motorsystems'
  • Elektrotechniek: Pre master 'Neural and Motorsystems'
  • Chemische Technologie: Pre master 'Tissue Engineering' 


 Please follow the application instructions.

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