Practical information

For international students

The website of the International Office provides practical information for international students wishing to study in the Netherlands. While studying abroad brings you new experiences, opportunities and personal development, it also means adapting to a new country, climate, and culture. The International Office will not only help you in arranging formalities before, and upon arrival, it will also show you what the UT campus, Enschede, and the Netherlands have to offer. Moreover, we hope to provide some insight into the Dutch (educational) culture.

International Student Handbook (PDF)

Have you seen our International Student Handbook? This handbook contains all practical information mentioned above, in one PDF (12MB).

Visa and residence permit

The University of Twente assists all students in requiring approvals or extensions for visas and residence permits and/or in filing a Change of Purpose.

If you require a visa or residence permit you will be contacted by email after admission and will be given all the necessary information on the procedures to be followed and completed. Keep in mind that by Dutch law students cannot apply for a visa themselves.

More information on applying for and extending visas and residence permits and on filing a Change of Purpose can be found on the International Office website.


Students are assisted in finding furnished accommodation by the University of Twente. The International Office coordinates supply and demand between international students and local housing providers, offering both on- and off-campus accommodation.

The ITC Faculty provides accommodation in well-furnished rooms at the ITC International Hotel (IIH) as an integral component of studying at the ITC Faculty.

Health and liability insurance

All international students staying longer than three months are required by Dutch law to have health insurance. In addition, a liability insurance is highly recommended. Check out the International Office website for more information.

Education system

The education system consists of 10-week periods. Education at the University of Twente revolves around several core principles: a multidisciplinary, project-based approach, student-driven learning in which the needs of the student are the focus, and peer-based learning in which the learning environment is more natural and in which students learn from each other. Read more about education at the University of Twente.

Working while studying

Are you an international student and do you want to take a job next to your study? All you need to know can be found on the Working while studying pages at the Study in Holland

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