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When you're applying for a semester of courses at the University of Twente, you can select:
- (Bsc) course packages, so-called modules of 15 ECTS each, consisting of multiple components
- (Msc) individual courses, differing in amount of ECTS per course 
- you can opt for an interdisciplinary exchange package (so-called HTHT-minors). 
If you have any doubts about which courses or modules to enroll in as an exchange student (or about the other exchange possibilities), please contact our Departmental Exchange Coordinators

BSc students can only choose entire Bsc modules, no separate module components, and have to choose at least 1 module (15 ECTS credits) within the faculty of the exchange agreement (ask your exchange coordinator at home). 
MSc students can choose separate courses (or entire Bsc modules if desirable) and have to choose at least 60% of the courses within the faculty of the exchange agreement. Alternatively, you can choose one or two interdisciplinary package(s).

All study programmes are offered within one of the following faculties:
   BMS - Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences
   EEMCS - Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
   ET - Engineering Technology
   ITC - Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
   S&T - Science & Technology 

Courses packages or individual courses per field of study

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