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Departmental Exchange Coordinators

Faculty of Engineering Technology D. van de Belt (Dorien)
Exchange Coordinator ET / Lecturer

Civil Engineering & Management, Construction Management & Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Technology 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
J. Rijken (Jitske)
Departmental Exchange Coordinator at Faculty of EEMCS

Applied Mathematics, Business & IT, Computer Science, Creative Technology, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Interaction Technology, Internet Science & Technology and Systems & Control 

Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
J.H. Stout MSc (Jaap)
Exchange Coordinator | BMS

Psychology (BSc, MSc), Communication Science (BSc), Communication Studies (MSc), Educational Science and Technology (MSc), Philosophy of Science,Technology and Society (MSc), European Public Administration (BSc), European Studies (MSc), Public Administration (MSc), International Business Administration (BSc), Business Administration (MSc) and Industrial Engineering & Management (BSc, MSc)

Faculty of Science and Technology
S. Kotter MA (Sarah)
Exchange Officer TNW

Applied Physics, Health Sciences, Technical Medicine, Biomedical Technology (BSc), Biomedical Engineering (MSc), Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnolgy