University College Twente is a residential college, fostering peer-to-peer learning through the sharing of cultures, experiences and discoveries as you progress through the programme. All our students are provided with guaranteed on-campus housing for the first two years of the programme. During this time, you will live together, forming an inclusive and supportive living environment. These living arrangements will help you and your fellow-students form a strong sense of shared identity.


All UCT students live together in on-campus housing (6-10 students per house). Each student has his or her own bedroom (between 12- 24 m2), fully furnished and decorated, including bed linen, pillow, duvet etc. You only need to bring your personal belongings. You will share the rest of the common areas, including the kitchen and several bathrooms, with your fellow students. The kitchen is fully equipped, and each house has a washing machine and dryer for shared use. The cost of furnished housing is about €455 to €500 per month.  

Size and pricing of accommodation is approximate.

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