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University College Twente (UCT) offers you more than just a bachelor's. UCT is an on-campus community where students from all over the world study, work and live together 24/7. Joining UCT means joining an exciting and inspiring learning environment. You will benefit from peer-to-peer learning and new cultural experiences. Becoming part of this international community is a vital part of the UCT experience, and potentially a vital step in your academic and personal development as well.

Learning together

Learning together is better than learning on your own. Being a student at UCT involves a lot of team play. Working in teams guarantees immediate feedback and helps you learn more and faster. And the fun part is that you get to figure out which roles suit you best in and out of the team – whether you are a fast-moving people-person or a more reserved or introverted type. By learning from each other, you will also learn about yourself. Especially in such a diverse, intercultural group!

But the principle of collaborative learning is more than just working together in teams with your fellow students. You will become part of a community in which both students and teachers learn from each other. You will deal with questions of which the answers might not easily be at hand, to you, but also to your teachers. They are just as committed to learning and exploring as you are and as eager to learn from you as they are to teach and mentor you. You are all in this together!

Living together

Based on the residential college concept, UCT will provide you with on-campus housing for the first two years. In the third year, you can move off-campus. As a first-year student, you will live in the Drienerburght, a beautifully renovated building located in the heart of our campus. Students live in the student residences which are located on the top floors of the building while classes are taking place on the ground floor.

Socialising together

Being a student at UCT means more than just studying. Your student life will become unforgettable, being part of such a close, international community. Hanging out on campus after lectures, getting together over coffee in the Drienerburght, cooking and having dinner together, organising fun activities and great parties: you will surely build friendships for life!

Study association Atlantis

One thing that can’t be missed in this bonding, is UCT’s Study Association Atlantis. From organising sports and cultural activities, drinks, trips, parties, to study-related activities and company visits, this highly active association will make sure your time at UCT is going to be phenomenal. And the best part is, you can join one of the many committees yourself! What about organising the yearly snow-trip, or any other trip abroad, to, say, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland or the Czech Republic?

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