At University College Twente students live and work together. Learning is not confined to the classroom. There is also a close interaction with the teachers and other staff members. For us this feeling of a community is important. Due to the divers and intriguing background of our students there is a lot of variety. The activities organised by our study association ATLANTIS, as well as working together in projects help making connections with each other and interact. This makes University College Twente an engaging and motivating learning environment. A true learning community.

Honour Code

At the base of our community is the Honour code. This is a code, made by the University College Twente students, filled with values that they find important. Every member of the community, also teachers and staff members , can contribute to making the code. Everyone is asked to sign the code and promises to uphold the values within the Honour Code. 

Students About the UCT Community

Our community helps changing studying to be a personal experience, through which you do not only learn academically but also develop as a person. Check the video to find out more about the community or read about living in the Netherlands, the University campus or the City of Enschede.

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