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The fee for the Bachelor's in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences depends on your nationality. 

Overview of tuition fees University College Twente

2023-2024 (Sep-Aug)

€ 4,628 per year for EEA nationals (statutory fee)
€ 15,064 per year for non-EEA nationals (institutional fee)

2024-2025 (Sep-Aug)

€ 5,060 per year for EEA nationals (statutory fee)
€ 15,405 per year for non-EEA nationals (institutional fee)

2025-2026 (Sep-Aug)

to be determined

The annual tuition fees for the Bachelor’s in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) are higher than those for other bachelor’s programmes at the University of Twente, but similar to tuition fees at other University Colleges offering Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes in the Netherlands. 

University College Twente applies this fee because it features a small-scale educational setting, a very intensive study programme with a student-teacher ratio of 16:1 and additional contact hours with teachers, tutors, lecturers, and personal mentors (around 24-30 hours per week). 


You can check here whether you have an EEA nationality. If your nationality is not listed in the requirements, you have a non-EEA nationality.

University College Twente (UCT) is the Liberal Arts and Sciences college of the University of Twente. It offers a three-year, international Honours programme for motivated and ambitious students: the Bachelor of Science in Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences, or ATLAS in short. UCT is based on the American model of liberal education, which means you get the freedom to design your own study programme. As a student, you learn and live together with your fellow students on campus. The programme is characterised by challenging encounters with important issues and more a way of studying, rather than studying a specific course or field of study.

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