Honours Programmes

Are you an outstanding student? do you want to be challenged?

The Honours programmes of the University of Twente (UT) offer outstanding and motivated vwo, Bachelor, and Master students an opportunity to challenge themselves both academically and socially. All these programmes have a distinctive profile: High Tech Human Touch. This means that unique combinations of technology, engineering, and social sciences are embraced to respond effectively to challenges and questions posed by society. 

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Honours programmes: shooting for the stars
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Pre-U Honours Programme
UT offers talented Dutch vwo students an Honours programme of 1,5 years. In the first year, the students follow three modules of academic training (philosophy of science, scientific methods, and academic writing) and two masterclasses of their choosing. In the last half year, students are guided in conducting their Honours Research. More information can be found on the website of Pre-U (Dutch).

Bachelor Honours programme
A broadening programme of 30 EC over 1.5 years in which ambitious students are challenged to enrich their knowledge, skills and experiences outside their own discipline. Each student follows one of the multidisciplinary tracks in which they are encouraged to develop themselves in a setting comprised of passionate teachers and diverse students.

Other programmes:
The university STAR and PLUS programmes are deepening programmes that allow students to excell in their own field.

The Technology Liberal Arts & Sience (ATLAS) programme is a full time honours programme that both broadens and deepens the student's knowledge.

Master Honours programme
A 15 EC programme aimed at talented, intellectually interested, and motivated students who want to enrich their study experience. Students can choose from three tracks, each having a unique character and developmental goals.

Other programmes:
In the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert, you work in transdisciplinary teams on addressing complex societal challenges.