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During the application process, you have to upload several documents.

Our application systems also indicate which documents you need to upload. If a document is not required, you will not get a question about it. Which documents you need to upload during the process depends upon your nationality and the country of your secondary education.

For the other requested documents, visit the page with the general required application documents. Below, you will find the CV and motivation letter requirements.

  • Motivation Letter

    The motivation letter is a personal statement in which you explain why you wish to study at University College Twente and why you want to follow the ATLAS programme. It is an opportunity for you to convince us why you are a good match with the programme. 

    The letter of motivation will be your personal introduction to the Board of Admissions, explaining who you are, what motivates you and what motivates you to study at the University College Twente. This is a very important document in the admission process, and it is important that you present yourself in a representative and reflective way. 

    Your motivation letter should be a personal letter written in English, make sure the letter includes your full name and has a maximum of two pages.

    Before writing your motivation letter, carefully read about the ATLAS programme at the UCT, especially considering the following:

    • What is the ATLAS programme all about?
    • What is the ATLAS educational approach?
    • What is the ATLAS community? 

    Address these topics: 

    1. Considering the challenges, the world is facing today, what is one you would like to work on? In what role?
    2. The ATLAS programme integrates advances in technology and social sciences. How do you see such integration bringing benefit to this challenge?
    3. How does the ATLAS programme fit your study ambitions or dreams for your future?
    4. Explain how the ATLAS educational approach learning will fit your way of learning. What do you, as a student, perceive as a challenge in the ATLAS programme?
    5. What will you, as a person, bring to the ATLAS community?
  • CV

    A Curriculum Vitae is a summary of, for example, your personal details, education, skills, interests, and work experience. Certain items should always be included. 

    Please make sure that you include at least the first four items listed below (more is never a problem, though).

    1. Personal details
    2. Name of school, type of education, country, diploma name, (expected) graduation date
    3. Language skills List your language skills with the level of proficiency
    4. Extracurricular activities (about 6-7)  
    5. Work experience or volunteer work (place, period, what kind of work you did)
    6. Awards/certificates (about 6-7)  
    7. Interests (about 6-7) 

    Your Curriculum Vitae should be:

    •  In English
    •  Between one and two pages long
    •  Creative (do not be afraid to stand out)
    •  Personalized (can be individualized, i.e., a photo of yourself)   
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