Choosing a bachelor's but missed the Online Open Day?

Study information centre

Do you have questions after visiting our Technical Medicine website? Please contact our students at the study information centre. I am sure they can help you.


Pre-U organizes different kinds of activities for high school students. Ranging from short workshops over camps to programs lasting several weeks, Pre-U offers a variety of programs about all sorts of topics and gives insights into study programs. For more information, please visit our website.

Student for a day

If you like what you read on our Industrial and Applied Mathematics website and you would like to experience the study and atmosphere at our University of Twente yourself, please sign in for a 'student for a day' (in Dutch it is called a 'meeloopdag') 

Open days

Of course you can visit our Open Days at the University of Twente. We organize twice a year these open days. Two days in March and two days in November. The next Open Days will be organized on 20th and 21st of November. Hope to see you here!

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