Technical Computer Science

AFTER THE Technical Computer Science BACHELOR

What can you do with your diploma?

Most students with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Computer Science (Computer Science & Engineering) choose to continue with a related Master's programme. You can do this at the University of Twente or at another Dutch or foreign university. Here at the UT, you can choose from the following Master's programmes and specializations:

Career opportunities

Whether the economy is growing or struggling, the job opportunities in the field of Information and Communication technology are steadily rising. This means that job prospects for computer scientists are excellent. As a Technical Computer Science graduate you can, for example, work at a large information technology company you know from daily using its systems for Internet searches or because you are active on social media. Or you may want to work at a smaller company that is just starting out, or even launch your own business. There is also a lot of demand for people who understand and can apply information technology in health care institutes, transport companies, and in the creative industry. Specifically, there is a need for people who want to use technology to solve problems, while also asking themselves how they can organize all this and place it in the right context. These experts – or computer scientists – can choose from many positions in the job market, because they are at home in a young branch of science.

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