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Module 5: Public Management

Have you ever wondered why ICT projects often fail? This module introduces you to modern theories of public management and program implementation while studying the digital government.

You will learn:

  • that the organization of government rapidly changes under new technologies. Think, for example, about the digital processing of service requests (passports), or the information exchange between government departments and units to protect our safety.
  • to understand how such information technologies in government work.
  • to interpret inferential statistics and data analytics.

Your project assignment is to study the large-scale implementation of an ICT application in a network of government organizations.

Module 6: Evaluation of Tech-Society

This module closes the circle of six core modules by focusing on evaluation. Using these evaluation outcomes and understanding trends helps you to get a well-informed perspective on the future. For example, the future of work is heavily influenced by the implementation speed of the use of robots.

In your project you will interpret advanced multivariate statistics to get a better insight in the future of work under the influence of robotisation and automation.

Module 7 & 8: Specializations

After the core modules you can choose between two specializations: (1) Public Administration and (2) Global and European Studies. The specialization takes one semester. 

Specialization 1: Public Administration 

The specialization Public Administration offers students the opportunity to specialize in top-down and bottom-up decision-making. One module focuses on complex collective decision-making. You use rational choice models to forecast the outcomes of collective decision-making by many stakeholders. You learn how to influence these outcomes. The other module focuses on citizen involvement in public organizations. You study how the collaboration between professionals and citizens affects the quality of public services.

Specialization 2: Global and European Studies

The specialization Global and European Studies offers students the opportunity to focus on the international and European dimensions of societal challenges. One module focuses on current European crises, such as Brexit. The other module focuses on the position of Europe in the world. You learn how the European Union operates as one international institution among the big powers in the world, such as China or the U.S.

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