Study programme

The second year of European public administration

The second year of the programme is divided into two parts:

  1. Two modules in public management and governance, with a focus on Europe;
  2. Two specialization modules in European Studies and Public Administration.

Module 5: Public Management 

The topics
In the module on public management you will investigate issues related to the organization and management of public and semi-public organizations.

Efficiency, effectiveness, and legitimacy are the main elements that frame the access to, and use of resources in public sector organizations. At the same time there is no denying that interactions between public, non-profit, and private organizations have come to characterize the process of using resources. ‘Getting more done with less’ is a slogan we often hear, but the underlying issue is how to organize the use of resources as effectively and efficiently as possible, given the accountability and transparency that public organizations need to demonstrate in order to ensure their legitimacy. In this module we will look at government purchasing practices, for instance, as well as at large projects, such as Berlin´s new airport – which never seems to be reaching completion – or the high-speed railway project Fyra.

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Module 6: Public Governance in Europe

The topics
This module will introduce you to all aspects of carrying out research in the field of public governance. In four integrated submodules, you will encounter the full empirical cycle of Background, Research Problem, Theory and Hypotheses, Data and Analysis and Reporting Results.

The project
At the heart of the module is the research project on Governance and Inequality in a Comparative Perspective. In this project, you will work in a group of six students and write a research paper that addresses the effects of public governance on social inequality. The project is comparative and focuses on differences between countries in Europe and the European Union.

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Module 7 + 8 Specialization modules in Public Administration and European Studies

In the second half of your second year you can choose between two specializations: Public Administration and European Studies. The programme also offers you the flexibility to ‘mix and match’ modules from the two specializations. Read the specialization page to find out more about these modules.

The third year

The third year of your studies is all about personal choice. For example, you will have the opportunity to take courses from another degree programme or to study or go on an internship abroad. You will devote the second half of the year to your Bachelor’s assignment and thesis. Take a look at the study programme for Year 3.

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