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The Bachelor’s programme in European Public Administration is a three-year programme that leads to the title Bachelor of Science. You can specialize in Public Administration or European Studies. Each academic year is made up of four modules, each with its own theme.

The first year

The first year provides you with a solid basis, offering modules on technology, organization, policy and governance. These modules will provide you and your fellow students with a shared foundation from which to pursue your interests. You will develop a broad and integrated perspective.

The second year

Once you have established a solid basis in the first three semesters of the programme, the second half of your second year gives you the opportunity to specialize in one of two areas, or a combination of both:

The third year

In your third year, you can choose between specialization modules, elective modules, minors and internships, and you will write a Bachelor’s thesis in the specialization of your choice.

Teaching methods and classes

Teaching in the Bachelor’s in European Public Administration is organized according to the Twente Educational Model. Each ten-week module, worth 15 credits, centres on a single theme, which is reflected in all of the lectures, practicals and projects. 

At the University of Twente we don’t expect you to spend all day with your nose buried in a book. Each module contains projects that give you invaluable experience of working with other students. Our aim is to encourage you to take an active approach to learning, to discover where your own strengths lie and to put them into practice. You will have approximately 16 hours of classes a week. Project work brings this total to around 25 hours a week, leaving 15 hours for independent study.

Throughout the programme you will be supervised and coached by a group of young and enthusiastic tutors. Assessment methods also vary, from individual written exams to group assignments, and from oral exams to public presentations. Students are actively involved in assessing each other’s work (peer review), which helps develop your abilities to reflect on your own work and that of others.  

Research methodology and professional skills

The programme helps you to develop your analytical and academic skills, which are essential prerequisites for succeeding at Master’s level and which will serve you well in your further career. Throughout the programme (and in all modules) attention is paid to:

  • Logics
  • Ethics of science
  • Philosophy of science
  • Retrieval of literature
  • Theory, operationalization, measurement
  • Research designs
  • Data collection (surveys, interviews)
  • Statistics

The programme will also help you develop your academic and professional skills, such as writing, presenting, debating and negotiation, as well as your ability to work in a team, to cooperate, to give and receive feedback, and much more. Since you will be immersed in an English-language programme, your command of English is sure to improve significantly in the course of your studies.

Marleen: “The large number of international students on the programme means that you have to speak English from the very start. Don’t worry too much about whether you are fluent or not. As long as you are interested in the English language, fluency will come with time.” Read more about Marleen’s experiences.

Extracurricular activities 

Studying is a full-time commitment. As a student you are expected to be highly motivated and willing to invest time and energy in your studies. This doesn’t preclude you from taking a weekend job or making time to play sports or pursue another hobby, but you must make sure that such activities do not interfere with your studies. Project-led education is an intensive approach to learning and a lot will be expected of you. However, after having put in all the effort, you will be able to look back on an exciting and memorable time at university.

In order to expand your knowledge, the programme offers a range of activities related to your studies:

  • We offer an excellence programme for students: the STAR programme.
  • We organize trips to relevant organizations, such as the Dutch Parliament in The Hague.
  • We organize career days to provide students with information about their prospects on the job market.

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More information about the first year and the specialization courses in European Studies and Public Administration can be found here.

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