SPECIALIZATION public administration


The Public Administration specialization focuses on the local, national and public sector context, examining how effective policies are developed and how high-quality services are delivered.

What will you learn in this specialization?

In the Public Administration programme, you will work on solving complex societal issues, placing your knowledge regarding the collaboration between public and private organizations in an international context.

While studying Public Administration, you will familiarize yourself with the major challenges facing modern societies across the globe – challenges that manifest themselves at local, national, European and international level.

You will explore and analyse how politicians, governments, regions, sectors, and citizens collaborate to address all kinds of issues, including inequality and unemployment, the growing costs of public health, promoting law and order, and recognizing the demand for mobility.

You will take a broad perspective that integrates the four core disciplines of the social sciences: political science, sociology, economics and law. This multidisciplinary approach will help you to gain an insight into modern issues of politics and public governance in democratic societies, but also to study the role of organizational strategy, leadership and management. We will help you develop your own interests within a broad range of disciplines and topics.  

Your career in Public Administration

Public Administration at the University of Twente helps you to develop competencies such as the ability to link global challenges to issues at organizational, local, national and European levels. Ours is the only Public Administration programme in Europe to take in all these levels. Local professionals, administrators, and politicians often find themselves dealing with Europe in their decisions, while international decision-makers also need to incorporate local and national concerns. That’s one of the reasons why our graduates are so highly valued in the current job market.


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