European Studies

the structure of the European Studies specialization

within the European Public Administration programme

The European Studies specialization consists of a number of different modules. In both your second and your third year, you will have the opportunity to take modules that focus on European Studies. The structure of the specialization’s curriculum is shown in the figure below.

Specialization modules European studies - second year

Two specialized modules in the third and fourth quarters of the second year focus specifically on the relationship between the EU, other regional political/economic blocs, and other international organizations, in the context of global governance.  

The two modules that make up this specialization offer various choices in terms of project work (e.g. the Euro crisis, global security).

Module 3 - The EU after the Financial and Economic Crisis

Core learning elements:

  • International political economy
  • Advanced EU integration theory

The Eurozone crisis.

Module 4 - The European Union and the World

Core learning elements:

  • Legal aspects of EU external relations
  • Political aspects of EU external relations

International organizations


Minor, exchange or internship
You will spend the first half of your third year taking a minor or a series of electives offered by the University of Twente or by other universities in the Netherlands. You can also complete this part of the course abroad on an international exchange programme. Another option would be to complete an internship in the Netherlands or abroad during this period.

Bachelor’s thesis
You will devote the second half of your third year to carrying out your own research, with a wide variety of topics in European Studies to choose from. This project will form the basis of your Bachelor’s thesis. You will be supervised and coached by experienced members of staff in the field of European Studies.

More information

Would you like to find out more about the first three semesters of the study programme? Please go to the study programme page. If you are interested in the second specialization in the European Public Administration programme, check out the information on the Public Administration specialization. 

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