Bachelor's specialization EUROPEAN STUDIES


The European Studies bachelor's specialization focuses on European and international issues, how the European Union influences the policies of its member states, and its role within the global system.

What will you learn in the specialization European Studies?

The European Studies specialization familiarizes you with the major challenges facing Europe right now. You will explore and analyse important European issues—from mobile phone tariff agreements and the fight against food fraud, to differences between national healthcare systems, the expansion of the EU and the protection of Europe’s borders.

The bachelor's programme specialization provides you with an opportunity to expand your unique and solid basis in the core disciplines of the social sciences: political science, sociology, economics and law. This multidisciplinary background helps you to fully understand the drivers behind European integration and the position of the European Union in the global playing field of international relations.

But we offer more. European Studies at the University of Twente helps you to build your competencies in areas such as European policy design, promoting the implementation of EU legislation in member states, and the management of public organizations in Europe. Of course, the European Union is only one of many powerful international organizations. With this in mind, you will also obtain a thoroughgoing insight in the tasks and competencies of other key international players such as the United Nations (UN), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the African Union (AU).

Your career in European Studies

Your combination of broad and specialized knowledge from the field of public administration will prove essential as you pursue a career in the field of European Studies. Solving complex societal problems, at various levels and in different arenas in Europe and across the world, requires a deep understanding of policy, management and leadership. Combining your studies with an exciting internship in an international organization will give you the best possible preparation for an international career in the public and private sector.


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